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May 26, 2014– Our common destiny

God who unites–

We are individuals who gather together
with our own unique and different concerns and joys.
But we gather each  Sunday as a community
knowing it loosens our group on our private notions of the ‘self’.

Gathering in your name unites us in hope
that we aren’t alone in our experiences
or our concerns.

We gather as a people of hope
believing we can help shoulder each others loads
and dance together in celebration.

Hear the expressions of this congregation’s hope:

[read aloud the prayer cards]

And hear, oh God, the trust implied in our silence
when struggles are so burdensome we can’t bear to speak them aloud
or delights are so sweet we can but ponder them in our hearts.
Hear our silent expressions of hope!

[pause for silent prayer]

Remind us, Lord,
that hope is a commitment renewed daily.
It works for good in the world,
stirring up in us a desire to serve
and to live peaceably.

Hope invites us to follow in the the living traditions of Jesus
to welcome the excluded
to care for those in need
and to remember that we are never alone.

Blessed Be!


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Spring- April 28, 2013

Gracious God,

The warmth in the air
and the buds on the trees
draw us out of our musty winter homes
and into your light.

It is the promise of renewal and new life
that gathers us together.
We know we aren’t forever stuck
in the doldrums of winter.

We are a people of hope.

Graced with lingering light
and the warmth of your sun
We celebrate our joys together
and air out our concerns and burdens.

Hear the prayers of your people:

[read aloud the prayer cards]

And for all those joys and mysteries we ponder in our hearts
And all the burdens and concerns
which weigh too heavily to be spoken aloud
Hear those prayers of hope as well.

[pause for silent prayer]

And with each growing day of Spring
Remind us, Lord,
That love is a commitment that is renewed daily
and ushers in your light.
All day long it works for good in the world.
It stirs up in us a desire to serve
And to live peaceably
And to devote our days to walking
in the light and living traditions of Jesus
to welcome the excluded
and tend to those in need.

Teach us how to best love each other.

Blessed Be!

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