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December 15, 2013- Third Sunday of Advent

Celebrating the Third Sunday of Advent with the theme of “Joy”.

Gracious God,

We gather together today feeling restless-
anticipating the holidays
anxious for your presence.

Wars and famine and storms rage.
The world isn’t the way it should be:
our relationships are broken,
our hearts are in need of healing,
our perspectives in need of change.

We long for peace, for health,
for a sense of belonging,
for community.

Hear the prayers of this congregation:

[read aloud the prayer cards]

And sometimes our longings and hopes run too deep for words.
Hear our silent unspoken prayers as well.

[pause for silent prayer]

Teach us how to best care for one another.
And remind us
that your presence always already enfolds us
that contentment is a daily practice
that seeking peace,
welcoming the stranger,
and tending to those in need
opens our hearts to profound joy.

Teach us to practice happiness
in anticipation of the good in the world.



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Sunday before Thanksgiving- November 24, 2013

God of Grace and Peace,

We gather today as a people in need–
in need of grace
of kindness
of compassion
of healing;
a people in need of rest and sabbath;
a people in need of peace.

Hear our prayers–the prayers of this congregation.

[read aloud the prayer cards]

And we acknowledge those needs left unspoken.

[pause for silent prayer]

Hear those prayers as well.

Wake us from our slumber of consumerism this coming season.
Open our hearts to your disruptive grace.
Stir us from complacency into contemplative action.
Motivate us by your unconditional, unfailing love
to act as an extension of that love.

Uncover our eyes to see abundance
so that we can experience satisfaction
and practice gratitude.

And remind us that a spirit of contentment
is a daily discipline.
It sees the good in the world
and enables us to move beyond ourselves towards service to others.
It trains our desire towards peace.

Your abundance allows us to keep a loose hand on things material
and instead embrace tightly
those who are excluded and in need.

Teach us how to best love one another.


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