About these prayers

Addendum from 2020:

I took a hiatus from writing congregation prayers for a few years since circumstances changed (illness, move, job change, etc.). But now I’m serving a local parish parttime and will be posting them as I write them.  The format has changed somewhat due to the different customs of the new congregation. FYI.


These are prayers I’ve written on behalf of my local congregation. Each Sunday, we fill out prayer cards which are available in each pew. During the morning anthem, ushers collect these prayer cards and after the sermon, one person (often its me) leads the congregation in prayers and reads aloud the cards. Thus you’ll find that these prayers are written to accommodate this structure.

As with any congregational prayer, these prayers are written mindful of the fact that they are on behalf of a diverse group of people, expressing diverse theologies and needs. I have avoided self-reference in the prayers as they are, in that sense, neither private nor personal.


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2 responses to “About these prayers

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Donna. What a gift!

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