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March 20, 2020: A Prayer While Sheltering In Place

God of Grace,

We are a people who are being stressed and stretched to our limits…

even if all we are doing is staying in the shelter of our own homes–our imaginations can run wild. 

We gather virtually because we long for community,

A sense of normalcy,

And a sense of your presence.

We trust you when you say that wherever two or three are gathered, even virtually, 

you are with us.

Open our hearts to be sensitive to your presence with and among us. 

Our fears and concerns are not unfounded.
Our reliance upon you allows us to face them responsibly

With a kind and generous spirit.
Remind us of that when we need it…

When we are tempted to panic

Or act out of fear.

As we live in isolation from some, we live in close quarters with others.
Remind us to be forgiving.

And don’t let us forget those who don’t have the luxury of physical companionship in our isolation.

Inspire us to reach out creatively.

Convict us of our tendency to hoard resources.
Teach us to hold with a loose grip those items we should share
And a tight embrace those who are truly precious.

You commanded us to love our neighbors.

Teach us how to best love one another.

And remind us that new every morning is your Love,

Oh great God of Light.
All day long you are working for Good in the World.
Let us not forget this.
Stir up in us a desire to serve creatively (even in this strange time)

And to devote our days to walking in the living traditions of Jesus
Who sought out the poor, the disenfranchised, the lonely…

And remembered them, and tended to their needs.

Inspire us to live faithfully in Light of the Resurrection, even in this Lenten season.
We withdraw for the sake of being able to gather Later.



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