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November 23, 2014– Enough!

Gracious God,

This is the season of gratitude.
And we gather together in a spirit of Thanksgiving–
aware of our giftedness
and the source of all things given.

As we celebrate your overflowing
grace and love for us,
help us to also remember
when we’ve had enough.

that your grace is sufficient…
that we don’t, under your grace,
live out of an economy of scarcity;
that your grace teaches us
how to be satisfied.
And our satisfaction results in divine generosity.

Teach us to rejoice in the divine “Enough!”.

And open our hearts
to those who aren’t experiencing “enough”–
those in need of divine generosity.
Both our expressions of satisfaction and need
can be heard through our congregational prayers.

So we lift them up to you:
[read aloud the prayers of the congregation]

We lift them up to you.

And we acknowledge the unspoken prayers which linger in our hearts.
[pause for silent prayer]

Hear us in our silence, too–
in those gaps which express need and satisfaction.

We are reminded of your abundance
renewed each morning with the light of day.
All day long you are working for good in the world.

Let your abundance spark within us
the divine “enough” so that we’ll have
the desire to serve and live peaceably.

Devote our ways to the living traditions of Jesus
to welcome the excluded
and care for those in need;
to allow your grace to be sufficient
to live out of divine generosity.

Blessed Be!


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November 16, 2014– Your Light

Gracious God,

It is the warmth of your Spirit-
your presence-
which draws us close.

As our days grow shorter
and our nights longer,
we rely on your Spirit’s warm glow
to life the grey skies
and illumine our souls.

Teach us to be Bearers of Divine Light
to one another.

It is to your light we lift up the prayers of this congregation:

[read aloud prayer cards]

And we acknowledge those joys
which bring such un-utterable delight
we can only ponder  them speechlessly
close at heart;
and those concerns and burdens
so great
we can’t bear to speak them aloud:
these we shoulder together as a congregation
as we lift them up to your light.

[pause for silent prayer]

Hear our silent prayers!

And remind us that new every morning
is your love, O Great God of Light.
All day  long you are working for good in the world.
Stir up in us a desire to serve
and to live peaceably with our neighbors.
And to devote each day to walking
in the living traditions of Jesus
who welcomed the disenfranchised
and cared for those in need.

Teach us to let your light shine though us!
Blessed Be.

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