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May 14, 2017– Mothers Day

Holy Mother,

We gather today as a congregation to honor the source of our being–
the One in Whom we live and move and have our existence.

And while we celebrate motherhood in its various forms, we remember that the church (as Your body) is our mother too: a womb of contemplation and action.

She is a mother who teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains us in righteousness.

From her we learn to speak the truth in love.

And part of speaking the truth in love is the sharing of our joys and concerns with one another, as we lift them up to you.

Hear the prayers of your children!

[prayer cards are read aloud]

And we know that it takes courage to write these prayers–to even put them on paper–knowing a whole host will hear them.

And sometimes we lack courage.
Sometimes our prayers are too hidden or to painful to be spoken aloud.
Sometimes our joys are inexpressible, and can only be pondered in our hearts.
And we remain silent.

And sometimes we feel abandoned by You.
But the prophet Isaiah reminds us of Your presence.
He asks “Has God forgotten us?” and answers the question with incredulity:
“Can a nursing mother forget her child?”

We trust you to hear us in our silence!

[pause for a few moments of silent prayer]

Lord, hear our prayers!

And remind us that new every morning is Your love,
Oh great God of Light
And all day long, you are working for good in this world.

Stir up in us the desire to serve
To live peaceable

To devote our days to walking in the living traditions of Jesus
who welcomed the disenfranchised
cared for the sick
was generous with the poor
and loved the unlovable.

Blessed Be!


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